Frari Design “- a factory that produces elegant and sophisticated furniture for children’s rooms. Factory helps create an atmosphere for the young prince or princess. Brand “Frari Design” is one of the manufacturers that create the precious culture. Thread can take a variety of geometric and linear forms, from simple to complex, round and carved scrolls and floral motifs. This all contributes to the creation of a unique little world in which masters offer a solution to create elegance. Children’s collection creates a fabulous atmosphere. Fabric and high quality finish give a feeling of exclusivity and elegance. Carved furniture made from solid pine or European linden with subsequent manual processing, so that each piece of furniture is unique. Polishing is carried out manually and varnishes, water-based polish. – Key elements of furniture made from solid lime. – The panels are made from sheet lining material or plywood. – Carved elements are made of linden or European pine – In order to avoid cracking due to temperature changes, the upper surfaces of furniture made of MDF. – Handles Hardware Collection ROSE, made from solid European linden or pine. “Textiles” All the fabrics used are made exclusively in the Italian Craft.
Make a child’s world brighter and more fabulous!